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When Should I File for Bankruptcy?

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When should I file for bankruptcy | Loveland, CO Attorney | The Law Office of Chris D. HeftyWhen debt becomes seemingly too much to bear, you can easily become confused as to what course of action is best for you and your family. You’ve likely heard of bankruptcy as an option, have no idea if that is a good solution for your circumstances.

As a Loveland, Colorado, bankruptcy attorney, I discuss debt with clients on a daily basis. More often than not, clients tell me the biggest challenge they faced was knowing when it was time to file for bankruptcy, or at least contact an attorney to discuss the option.

In an effort to help you identify the proper time to file for bankruptcy, I recently came upon a helpful post from Money Talks News. [Read more…]

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Larimer County, Colorado Bankruptcy Means Test Calculator

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Larimer County Bankruptcy Calculator | Loveland, CO Attorney | The Law Office of Chris D. HeftyFiling for bankruptcy in Larimer County can be an extremely confusing process. One of the most challenging aspects is determining whether or not you are eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

There is never a substitute for having a qualified and experienced bankruptcy attorney on your side, but to help give you an idea of whether you are eligible, I recently found a Bankruptcy Means Test Calculator for Larimer County.

The calculator applies the formulas, regional income and expense standards, and calculations of the new means test that was a cornerstone of BAPCPA. [Read more…]

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What Is the Colorado Homestead Exemption in Bankruptcy?

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Colorado Homestead Exemption | Loveland, CO Bankruptcy Attorney | The Law Office of Chris D. HeftyAs a bankruptcy attorney in Loveland, Colorado, clients often ask me about exemptions specific to our state.

One such exemption that applies to many Colorado citizens filing for bankruptcy is the Colorado Homestead Exemption.

To help explain the Colorado Homestead Exemption, which works in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies, here are some fast facts from Nolo.


Under the state’s exemption system, Colorado homeowners may exempt up to $60,000 of their home or property covered by the homestead exemption. If the homeowner (or the homeowner’s spouse or dependent) is disabled, or if he or she is 60 years old or older, the exemption is raised to $90,000. [Read more…]

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Loveland, Colorado Valentine Re-Mailing Program

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Sweetheart City Valentine Re-Mailing Program | Loveland, Colorado Attorney | The Law Office of Chris D. HeftyValentine’s Day is almost upon Loveland, Colorado, with romance in the air around the Sweetheart City (or, at least, in the post office).

Loveland may be best known nationwide for its role in the Valentine Re-Mailing Program.

Each year, thousands of people from around the U.S.—and world—mail Valentine cards inside larger envelopes to Loveland. Here, volunteers remove the cards and hand-stamp them with a Valentine’s verse, then mail them out to the intended recipients.

How is the Sweetheart City verse chosen, you ask? [Read more…]

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Former Teen Pop Star Files for Bankruptcy

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Aaron Careter Files For Bankruptcy | Loveland, CO Attorney | The Law Office of Chris D. HeftyIf you are in your early to mid-20s or have a son or daughter around that age, the name “Aaron Carter” will likely sound familiar.

A teen pop sensation in the early 2000s, Carter attracted a large following with his music, full of goofy lyrics and teenage dreams.

Now, as a 26 year old, financial trouble has caught up with Carter; he recently filed a bankruptcy claim to shed more than $2 million in debt. Most of this debt is taxes owed from when he was quickly making money as a teen singer.

According to a recent CNN article, the U.S. government is Carter’s biggest creditor. He owes the IRS $1.3 million in back taxes from his income in 2003—when he was 16. [Read more…]

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What is a Bankruptcy Discharge?

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Bankruptcy Discharge | Loveland, CO Attorney | The Law Office of Chris D. HeftyAs an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Loveland, Colorado, I meet with people struggling with finances on a daily basis. One question I often find them asking, as it is complicated, is “What is a bankruptcy discharge?”

To answer this question, we can refer to the United States Department of Justice for help.

According to the DOJ’s bankruptcy information sheet, one of the reasons people file for bankruptcy is to get a “discharge.” [Read more…]

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Bankruptcy vs. Debt Consolidation

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Bankruptcy Versus Debt Consolidation | Loveland, CO Attorney | The Law Office of Chris D. HeftyEconomically, times are tough. Unfortunately, for a lot of individuals and families, it doesn’t take very long for debt to become overwhelming. The loss of a job, medical bills, student loans, a business failure, and many more factors can all lead to one being financially overcome.

Just as there are many ways to get swallowed up by debt, there are many ways to climb out of debt. Understanding all of the options and which is the best can be intimidating. Two very common options are debt consolidation and bankruptcy. Here is a closer look at each.

Debt consolidation involves working with a consolidation company that basically serves as a middleman between you and your creditors. This middleman often tries to reduce the money you owe and the interest rates. [Read more…]

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DIY Dream Catcher at the Loveland Library

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DIY Dream Catcher Library Workshop | Loveland, CO Attorney | The Law Office of Chris D. HeftyOn Thursday, Jan. 16, the Loveland Public Library is hosting a free, hands-on workshop that teaches preteens and teenagers how to make a dream catcher.

Dream catchers are a traditional craft of the Native American people. In the past, they were handcrafted from items found in nature including twigs, sinew, and feathers. They were believed to protect one from bad dreams. Basically, bad dreams would have to pass through the dream catcher in order to get to the sleeper. These dreams would be unable to find their way through the web of the dream catcher and thus become tangled up. [Read more…]

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Waggin’ Tales at the Loveland, Colorado Public Library

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Waggin' Tales At Loveland Public Library | Loveland, CO Attorney | The Law Office of Chris D. HeftyJoin the Loveland Public Library on Saturday, January 4th for Waggin’ Tales!

Waggin’ Tales is a regular program at the Loveland library that allows individuals of all ages to read to registered therapy dogs. In addition to being lots of fun, this program has many benefits. It allows children to practice reading in a safe environment without fear of being judged by others. This environment is especially beneficial to children who are struggling to master reading.

This program also gives children the opportunity to spend time with man’s best friend. Many children naturally love animals (dogs in particular) and would jump opportunity to spend time with them. [Read more…]

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Colorado State Dart Tournament in Loveland

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Colorado State Dart Tournament | Loveland, CO | The Law Office of Chris D. HeftySharpen you points, prepare your flights, and get ready to have some fun: the Colorado State Dart Tournament is just around the corner!

Head over to Embassy Suites in Loveland, Colorado, from Jan. 10 to13 for a four-day dart-throwing extravaganza. The best throwers from across the state will be there to show off their skills, all aiming for the bullseye.

In team dart ranking in Colorado, Chris DeKow of Fountain, Colorado, is currently ranked highest in the state with a 31.36 PPD.

Loveland and Fort Collins are both well represented in the National Dart Association Colorado rankings as well.

The following Fort Collins team dart ’01 players are the top 10 in the city: [Read more…]

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