Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Greeley, CO

Money and coinsYou’ve been staring at the computer screen for 20 minutes but still can’t make sense of it all. You thought you had your finances under control, but each and every time you did the books, you found yourself more and more panicked. And now, here you are, unable to make the ends meet.

You aren’t alone. You aren’t the only one who has money trouble, despite your hard work and creativity. This financial insecurity comes as a surprise to most, and many don’t understand the ins and outs of bankruptcy and what their options really are.

When you are in this kind of financial trouble and are leaning toward filing for bankruptcy, you need an experienced, knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney is located and practices in Northern Colorado will be able to answer questions that you can’t find the answers to. What is chapter 7 bankruptcy? How exactly do I file for bankruptcy? What forms do I need to fill out? What happens to my bank accounts and savings when I file for bankruptcy? What about protecting my assets?

Don’t be embarrassed; we all have questions. What is important is finding the person or people to answer those questions.

Chris D. Hefty can help you answer those questions. He is a licensed bankruptcy attorney with decades of experience helping clients throughout Northern Colorado, including Greeley, Loveland, Larimer County, and Fort Collins. When you call Chris D. Hefty with your bankruptcy questions, you know you will be receiving informed and trustworthy answers.

He will explain the costs and benefits of filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and help you with the rest of your questions as well. When he can’t find the answer, he will put you in contact with a resource that can.

At the Law Office of Chris D. Hefty, our mission is to brighten your financial future. It may look a little bleak right now, but don’t fret. With Chris D. Hefty on your side, you’ll confidently stride through the bankruptcy process.

Check out our frequently asked questions about Bankruptcy or contact our office today.

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