Greeley, Colorado, Criminal Defense Attorney

HandcuffsWhen looking at the data for Greeley, Colorado, it appears as if the crime rates have gone down. Murders, rapes, and robberies have decreased since 2000, along with assault, burglaries, thefts, and arson. Just because the crime rate has gone down, though, doesn’t mean that people aren’t still being charged with crimes in Greeley, CO.

As an average citizen in Greeley, it is difficult to fathom being charged with a crime and being in danger of going to jail. How would you feel? Your family, your job, and your finances would all be up in the air. How do you recover from a criminal charge? Do you recover? You wouldn’t even begin to know where to turn for help. If you didn’t commit the crime, who is the best person to defend your rights in court?

When you’re charged with a crime in Greeley, Colorado, whether it is for an alcohol-related DUI, marijuana DUI, or something else, you likely feel scared and uncertain.

Get your life back. Fight for your constitutional rights. Find certainty in this tumultuous time, and hire a solid defense attorney.

Ask what your criminal defense attorney can do for you? If you ask us at the Law Office of Chris D. Hefty, we would tell you that your criminal defense attorney should be your most helpful and strong advocate in this time of worry and need. Your criminal defense attorney should investigate each and every option when it comes to your case. By exploring each and every possibility within the law, your criminal defense attorney should be able to help you through this trying time.

At the Law Office of Chris D. Hefty, we want to be that criminal defense attorney. We want to be your greatest advocate. We want to help you in this trying time. We want to turn this scary time into a seamless one.

We know that a criminal charge brings fear and angst. Let us help you get your life back and find your security once more.

Contact the Law Office of Chris D. Hefty and start the fight for your rights.

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