What should you expect from a Colorado criminal defense attorney?

Police CarYou can expect a criminal defense attorney to thoroughly evaluate your case and determine whether you have legal defenses or whether your rights have been violated.

The criminal justice process is complex because there is a wide range of issues. You may have a shoplifting case, a domestic violence case, or a DUI case, but there are a lot of criminal process issues that could affect whether or not your case is handled with a proper disposition so that you are treated fairly.

When you hire my firm, you get 28 years of analyzing cases, both from the defense point of view and the prosecution point of view. Therefore, I know what the prosecutors are looking for when they’re analyzing your case and I know from experience what I need to do to defend you, to make sure your constitutional rights aren’t violated, and to make sure that every available defense is pursued. And one of the things that you can expect is that in some cases, I will reinvestigate the process, reinvestigate the incident, interview witnesses, and make sure that all the bases have been covered.

Due to the stress that comes with a criminal charge, many people want their case to be finished and finished right away, and they want to do things, take offers, or resolve their case in a way that isn’t in their best interest. When we’re ready to resolve your case, whether by plea bargain or by trial, I make sure that we’ve covered every base so that the disposition—whatever it is—is in the best interest of the client.

I also don’t push cases through court. As your criminal defense attorney, I know how to determine whether or not you have defenses, how to pursue those defenses, how to approach the district attorney, and how to time your case to get you the best possible outcome.

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