What can I expect from the personal injury process?

Broken legDepending on the amount of damages you have, you can expect that your case will take anywhere from a year to three years to resolve. That sounds like a lot of time but personal injury cases are complex. If an attorney tells you that you can get your claim settled in thirty days, he or she is doing you a disservice.

My firm does not settle cases until you’ve reached maximum medical recovery. What that means is, other than continuing with things like physical therapy, there are no other medical issues that need to be treated. That way we know that we can settle your case and we have resolved what your injury is and how it’s going to affect your life.

Again, depending on the damages and the injury to the person, it could take anywhere from a year to three years to resolve a personal injury case. That is troublesome for many people, but in the end that’s the best way to approach it. You can also expect insurance companies contacting you, asking you to resolve your case. You can expect medical providers wanting you to pay bills. And all of the process sometimes gets complicated and frustrating.

This is why it’s best to have someone help you through the process, so that 1) you’re not affecting your ability to get compensation, and 2) you’re not being taken advantage of.

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