Colorado State Dart Tournament in Loveland

Sharpen you points, prepare your flights, and get ready to have some fun: the Colorado State Dart Tournament is just around the corner!

Head over to Embassy Suites in Loveland, Colorado, from Jan. 10 to13 for a four-day dart-throwing extravaganza. The best throwers from across the state will be there to show off their skills, all aiming for the bullseye.

In team dart ranking in Colorado, Chris DeKow of Fountain, Colorado, is currently ranked highest in the state with a 31.36 PPD.

Loveland and Fort Collins are both well represented in the National Dart Association Colorado rankings as well.

The following Fort Collins team dart ’01 players are the top 10 in the city:

  • Steve Mallatt, 24.78 PPD
  • Ed Chambers, 23.49 PPD
  • Nick Johnston, 23.24 PPD
  • Sylvia Portales, 22.98 PPD
  • Tom Pierce, 21.63 PPD
  • A.J. Rodarte, 20.17 PPD
  • Stan Garcia, 19.45 PPD
  • CJ Housley, 19.44 PPD
  • Sherry Bishop, 18.99 PPD
  • Debra Schmitz, 17.83 PPD

Loveland is also well represented in the state team dart ‘01 rankings:

  • Alan Schmitz, 21.32 PPD
  • Debra McGirl, 18.74 PPD

In the Colorado team dart cricket rankings, the following Fort Collins players are the 10 highest ranked in the city:

  • Darrian Begay, 3.69 MPR
  • Albert Begay, 3.50 MPR
  • Brian Cooper, 3.36 MPR
  • Steve Mallatt, 2.95 MPR
  • Ed Chambers, 2.69 MPR
  • Nick Johnston, 2.62 MPR
  • David Gehring, 2.42 MPR
  • Clint Reeves, 2.40 MPR
  • Sylvia Portales, 2.33 MPR
  • Top Pierce, 2.32 MPR

The top Loveland cricket team dart players include:

  • Raymond Buhr, 2.78 MPR
  • Derek Messner, 2.65 MPR
  • Norm Handley, 2.35 MPR
  • Alan Schmitz, 2.06 MPR
  • Chris Tovar, 1.96 MPR
  • Jodi Handley, 1.78 MPR
  • Debra McGirl, 1.65 MPR
  • Cherie Schaeffer, 1.61 MPR

Come support the best dart throwers Loveland and Fort Collins has to offer at the state dart tournament! Or, if you feel your skills at the board are ready for competition, enter yourself or your team.

From all of us at The Law Office Chris D. Hefty, we hope you have a great time at this unique Loveland, Colorado event.

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