Crime Rates Declining in Loveland and Fort Collins, Colorado

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As a criminal defense attorney in Loveland and Fort Collins, Colorado, I see clients on a regular basis who have been charged with a crime. People often ask me about crime rates in these cities, as this is a field in which I am heavily invested. I aim to seek justice for Colorado residents accused of a crime but also recognize that data on crime helps law enforcement and city officials keep citizens safe. I recently found some statistics from that reveal the crime rates of many nearby Colorado cities. I am happy to say that Loveland has a below-average crime rate. The city’s crime rate has been steadily decreasing, dropping from 218.9 in 2000 to 176.0 in 2011, the last year data is available. In 2011, per 100,000 people in Loveland, there was:

  • 1 murder
  • 22 rapes
  • 11 robberies
  • 73 assaults
  • 209 burglaries
  • 1,464 thefts
  • 52 auto thefts
  • 12 arsons

Each of these categories was well below the national average. In Fort Collins, the 2011 crime rate was closer to the national average (303.2) at 217.0. Per every 100,000 people in Fort Collins, there were:

  • 3 murders
  • 56 rapes
  • 46 robberies
  • 315 assaults
  • 560 burglaries
  • 3,553 thefts
  • 159 auto thefts
  • 15 arsons

Both Loveland and Fort Collins are wonderful cities to live and work in. It is important, however, that citizens are aware of the possibility of crime in their neighborhoods. If you have questions about crime in Loveland or Fort Collins or have been accused of a crime yourself, contact an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorneytoday.

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