Loveland, Colorado Valentine Re-Mailing Program

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Valentine’s Day is almost upon Loveland, Colorado, with romance in the air around the Sweetheart City (or, at least, in the post office).

Loveland may be best known nationwide for its role in the Valentine Re-Mailing Program.

Each year, thousands of people from around the U.S.—and world—mail Valentine cards inside larger envelopes to Loveland. Here, volunteers remove the cards and hand-stamp them with a Valentine’s verse, then mail them out to the intended recipients.

How is the Sweetheart City verse chosen, you ask?

The Loveland Chamber of Commerce holds a contest promoting the competition in the Reporter-Herald every year.

Loveland residents submit a design and verse. The winning design and verse is chosen from among all competition entries, and the pair is combined to form the “Official Chamber of Commerce Loveland Valentine.”

This year’s design is special to Loveland, featuring a local sculpture designed by the Sweetheart City’s own John Metcalf.

Over 60 volunteers gather days before Valentine’s Day at 5400 Stone Creek Circle (just around the corner from our Loveland office) to stamp a special message from the Sweetheart City on Valentine cards sent to Loveland from all across the U.S. (Last year, Valentines from over 120 different countries went through the program!)

If you have a special someone in your life—be it a sweetheart, friend, or just someone you hold dear—why not send them a unique Valentine mailed with the official stamp of the Sweetheart City?

From all of us at The Law Office of Chris D. Hefty in Loveland, Colorado, happy Valentine’s Day!

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