Worried About Your Growing Debt?

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Filing for bankruptcy can be a long process. You need a bankruptcy law firm by your side to guide you through it. The team at The Law Office of Chris D. Hefty in Fort Collins or Loveland, CO can represent you. Whether you're facing foreclosure or wage garnishment, turn to attorney Hefty for help. He accepts payment plans to relieve the stress on your finances.

Contact attorney Hefty now if you need representation anywhere in northern Colorado. We also can help you with DUIs and personal injury cases

Helping you sort out your finances

Whether you've lost your job, or you're dealing with a large amount of medical debt, filing for bankruptcy could be the solution you need. You can turn to a bankruptcy lawyer or attorney to:








Attorney Hefty will hold a free initial consultation with you over the phone or a video call. He'll look at your last six months of income and debt to help you determine what kind of bankruptcy you need. Call 970-593-1016 for Loveland or 970-232-3337 for Fort Collins today to speak to an attorney who's been practicing law for over 30+ years.


Putting our team to work for your best interests

If you choose our bankruptcy law firm, you'll have a dedicated team on your side. A husband-and-wife, attorney-and-lawyer team runs our practice. Attorney Hefty represents clients while his wife serves as a lawyer and legal assistant. Both husband and wife will work with you during every step of the bankruptcy filing process and keep you in the loop about this important decision.

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